A Whimsy Wonderland

I discovered A Whimsy Wonderland, two very colorful bloggers based in California, through one of my very close friends. Their feed was colorful, bright, and positive so of course I wanted to follow them and stare at their beautiful pictures of California! A couple of years later, they posted an Instagram story saying they were looking for a website guru, and the rest is history! I had so much fun working with these ladies on rethinking and outlining their brand and new website!

So we started with their logo…

The goal was to clean up the logo but still make sure it had an essence of “whimsy” and fun. So I chose a handwritten font that was still easy to read, and somewhat harkened back to their old logo!

Next, we tackled their colors

We ended up using a deeper bubblegum pink for the background of their website, to help the colors of the site really pop

Then I addressed the website

As per usual, the original mockup that I provided looked different from what we ended up with, but I like to show the process for all of the non-designers out there. Originally I recommended a light pink background across the whole site, with little pops of the other colors throughout. But as I was designing the site in WordPress, I realized that adding a white strip behind the content, and highlighting with the background color not only made the site more readable, but it actually looked more colorful!

Originally, this website was on Squarespace, but with some of the features that the Whimsy gals wanted for their new site, I recommended WordPress! While transferring a site is never easy, it’s always worth it to be with the right host and using the right system.