Kirkland’s x Pilgrimage Festival Blanket

Say “hello” to one of my favorite design projects that I’ve ever done. This throw was an idea the Marketing Director at Kirklands came to me with after they announced their partnership with the 2018 Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival. She said she wanted a blanket to give away to festival-goers as a gift/advertisement piece. There were a few stipulations: it needed to have the Kirkland’s logo on it, it could only have 4 colors, and it needed to have a “festival feel.” I got to working on some sketches, and eventually found some great tribal pattern brushes in my collection of Adobe Photoshop brushes, and I got to work. The blanket “example” that the Director gave me was a round blanket; so I thought a sort of mandala design would work well, and still be impactfull, eye catching, and something people would want to continue to use after the festival. I created 6 different patterns, but my heart was set one one that I threw the Tennessee Tristar into the middle of. I thought this design belonged at a Franklin, Tennessee music festival. Luckly, so did the art director. 

The blues and the cream color I chose were based on the Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival’s brand blue. I wanted something that would match, but wasn’t the exact same. Creating the color pallet was slightly challenging, because I’d never worked with Pantone colors for textiles. But I was pretty happy with the results. 

A huge thank you to THRO by Marlo Lorenz for producing my blanket and for making a designer’s dreams come true. Also thank you to Kirklands for entrusting me with this design and for believing in my vision.